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7 Instagram Updates you need to know


Users are now reporting their initial thoughts on the newly updated Instagram post structure that we covered a few weeks ago. Just a quick reminder that Instagram just made significant changes to the way all posts, videos, and pictures appear in the main feed. With this new upgrade, all postings appear in a vertical full-screen style. The photos’ square format is affected by the alteration because the background is now blended with the color of the image.

Instagram’s content accessibility options

The World Health Organization estimates that 285 million or more individuals have vision impairments, while 2.2 billion people have “disabling” hearing loss.

And over the past few years, Instagram has made a tonne of changes to its iOS and Android apps to ensure that it satisfies accessibility requirements.

Here is Instagram’s official accessibility one-pager with instructions on how to utilise it, to encourage content producers to ensure that their work is accessible.

Translations in Feed, Profile, and Stories Auto-generated captions on Instagram Video captions stickers on Stories, and Reels

Alternate Posting Language

1.    Updates on Reels

The lately popular feature of reels is the most loved feature on Instagram by both users and content creators. Instagram leaves no stone unturned while working on its updates, and thus has treated the Reels section with more surprises.

●      Dual: Users can now record their perspective on events in addition to the new Reels templates. This entails that you can capture a video from both views while simultaneously using the phone’s front and rear cameras.

●      Auto- Generated Captions

Auto-generated captions are activated when you submit an Instagram Reel. Instagram is making Instagram more accessible for members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, as well as users who watch videos with the sound off, with the help of this feature. It also makes the process of captioning content for creators more seamless.

How does it function?

Automatic captions will be enabled when you post an IG video. Toggle “Captions” off by selecting the switch under “Advanced Settings” in the upload flow to disable the audio captions. All of your future videos will have captions automatically disabled thanks to this. You can access a switch to enable or disable subtitles when watching a movie by tapping on the overflow menu and choosing “Manage Captions.”

●      AR Closed Captions

Instagram is introducing new, stylish closed caption AR effects for Reels that make it simple to add fun and original touches to your video. Now, you can use closed captions to make dialogue amusing, entertaining, and captivating by making them appear like text messages (Bubble Captions), spew out of your mouth (Mumble Captions), or appear to be taken directly out of a comic book (Comics Captions) (Comic Captions). The effects gallery offers access to all three of the new closed caption effects.

How does it function?

Open the Instagram camera, then tap the effects icon either before recording or after uploading from the gallery. Try looking up comic captions, bubble captions, or mumble captions. Select the effect you wish to use, tap it, then record with it or use it on submitted gallery content.

●      Audio Features for Reels

1-Voiceover and volume adjustment

After you’ve uploaded your reel, find them by clicking the song note icon on the preview screen. You can adjust the volume and add voiceover there.

2-Import audio – You can add audio to your video by importing it from any reel in your library.

3-Text-to-Speech – If you ever find yourself not wanting to hear your speech, just enter in some text, and a humorous voice will read it aloud over your video.

2. Parental Control

In seven other nations throughout the world—the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, and Germany—parental control is being implemented.

1. Parents can turn on Instagram account monitoring for their teen, but both the teen and the parent must agree to turn it on.

2. On certain days and times of the week, parents can restrict their teen’s access to Instagram.

3. When a teen reports something on Instagram, parents will receive information. The information will cover who they are and what they have said precisely.

3. Updates for Creators

● Instagram has added a tonne of new features just for producers as they increasingly dominate the platform’s user base.

● Adding reels to videos

Users can now create videos on reels that are 90 seconds long, ranging in length from 60 to 90 seconds.

● Reels lets you import your audio.

Users can record anything and add that as audio to their Reels films thanks to this much-needed function.

● Quiz, emoji sliders, and poll stickers are among the interactive stickers coming to Reels to make them more engaging as the Stories progress.

4.    Pin photos to your profile

An option to pin images to the profile’s grid’s top. You may pin up to three images or videos. Just adhere to these instructions to begin pinning:

Visit the post you want to pin,

In the top-right corner, touch the three dots.

selecting “Pin to your profile”

5.    Sensitive Content Control Updates

The new upgrade gives Instagram users more control over sensitive accounts in Search, Accounts You Might Follow, Reels, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations in addition to Explore.

● Three settings are now available in the Sensitive Content Control centre: “More,” “Standard,” and “Less.”

● The default setting, “Standard,” will keep some private information and accounts hidden from view.

● In contrast to the default setting, “Less” restricts access to more sensitive information and accounts.

● The “More” option is not accessible to those under the age of 18.

Simply select Settings > Account > Sensitive Content Control to get to these settings. select one of the three possibilities.

6.    Updates for wider Content Accessibility

Here is Instagram’s official accessibility one-pager with instructions on how to utilise it, to encourage content producers to ensure that their work is accessible.

● Auto-generated Captions on Instagram Video\s

● Captions Sticker on Stories & Reels\s

● Translations in Feed, Profile & Stories

● Alternate Posting Language

7.    Futuristic announcements

Recently, Instagram revealed that it is now beta-testing its new creator marketplace.

Direct communication between authors and brands for branded content partnerships will be made possible by this tool.

The marketplace’s objective is to assist creators in expressing their interests and choosing businesses they are interested in working with.

On the flip side, it will also make it simple for brands to find, connect, and work with creators.

Additionally, the marketplace will give businesses the ability to safely pay their branded content partnership artists.

This is a fantastic chance for companies and producers to collaborate and make awesome content!

The process will go as follows:

Your hobbies can be defined by creators.

Creators will have the chance to specify their interests and choose up to 10 products that most closely fit their profile.

By doing this, the platform will be able to quickly match the kinds of creators that a certain business is seeking.

Partnership Projects

Brands will have the option to send projects to particular creators via a straightforward message within the Instagram app. The creator can select whether to accept or reject the project after viewing all the information, including the payout rate.

Create a partnerships folder for your proposals

A business can get in touch with a creator after they’ve expressed interest in working together, and the artist will receive the project in a special Partnerships tab in their Primary inbox in the Instagram app.


Of course, Instagram will handle the payments for a project, enabling creators to get paid directly through the Instagram app.


Looking at the every day updates and advancements Instagram is making, it won’t be wrong to say that Instagram might take over the world’s most popular digital platforms- be it for entertainment, content creation or business.

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