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The Future Of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media allows people to interact with others freely and offers multiple ways for marketers to reach and engage with consumers. 

Social media advertising has experienced a crucial role in transformations during its lifetime – especially in COVID-19 pandemic. With a variety of noteworthy social media trends encircling around in the ecosystem, finding your footing can be a challenge.

In this blog, you’ll uncover insights from the Social Tasveer State of Digital Marketing Survey that can speak to the future of social media marketing. 

The State of Social Media

Social media is a top priority for 55% of digital marketers.

A key component of most digital marketing strategies for over a year now, half of the marketers say social media is a big change for their brand this year. This means standing out from your competition will be a way to double the revenue.

Social media usage has grown significantly with pandemic. 2020 was the highest period on record globally for social media usage. Growth has leveled out now, but usage is increasing  much higher than pre-pandemic predictions.

Approximately 75% of net customers use social media to look for extra statistics on their preferred brands. Brand executives and decision-makers should be sure to give competent attention to their company’s social media budget and the profitable return that a strategic social media plan can deliver.

Consumers are changing the way they see social media as an opportunity to become more of a priority for many people(like famous content creators). +25% of social media users say they care less than they used to about impressing others on social media, and +20.5% say they’ve become more comfortable online about how they’re feeling as they are in real life.

Emerging Social Media Platforms

As brands grow cautions of advertising on Facebook, Instagram due to attribution concerns and as users become more concerned with their data privacy, the road is being paved for new social media platforms to emerge. Businesses and consumers are increasingly looking toward these new upcoming challenges to build their brand presence in society  and how they reach new customers.

The social media sites with the most user growth in 2021 were TikTok, with 18.3% growth respectively. Comparatively, Instagram grew just 4% and Facebook saw a 1% increase in users.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks worldwide by user count till date, coming to 2.1 billion active monthly users compared to Instagram at 1.3 billion and TikTok at 755 millions. 28% of social media users say Facebook is one of their favorite apps.

 The lockdown gave a huge bounce in social media, TikTok was also the most downloaded app in 2021 with 94 million downloads, followed by Instagram at 64 million and Snapchat at 56 million.


TikTok is the third biggest social community withinside the US, 2nd handiest to Facebook and Instagram.TikTok has greater customers than Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest!!The common TikTok consumer spends 38 mins in keeping with day at the TikTok platform.


Since 2016, LinkedIn has ranked first amongst social media systems for virtual trust. In a period of time where trust is not easy to catch in social media is steadily declining, LinkedIn provides a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with their main audiences – particularly B2B customers.

LinkedIn noticed an extra percent increase than Instagram in 2021. It’s the sixth-largest social network in the US, expected to reach 65+ millions users in 2022. 


Pinterest has additionally visible tremendous sales increase during the last numerous years. In 2021, Pinterest’s revenue streamed upto 52% to $2.6 billions. That’s nearly double what it was in 2019!!

In 2020, Pinterest was the top third fastest-growing social media platform. In 2021, the platform went down but in a stable way ranked fifth with 3% user growth – more than a Snapchat but less than Instagram.

Pinterest has been a revolutionary in incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) into its platform with its Pinterest Lens technology, which helps to relate the consumers needs and growth, try on beauty products by uploading selfies, and many more. Pinterest customers are much more likely to buy a pinned product with the AR-powered Try On characteristic than different pins.

Social Media Trends In 2022

With top social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram ranking highly in monthly users, shifting your focus to new social media platforms can be challenging.

The rise of live streaming services like Facebook Watch and YouTube Live and Instagram live has helped drive further growth for major apps and platforms.Audio-based social networking is another social media trend that is becoming more popular and being added to both established and newer apps.

It’s the era for Influencers 

One fashion that suggests no symptoms and symptoms of slowing down is the upward push of a brand new breed of celebrity- the social media influencers.While a few corporations are hesitant to collab with influencers, there’s no denying that they may be fantastically powerful at accomplishing new audiences, selling merchandise or services, and growing social content material that suits the social platforms.

With that said, we consider that influencers will maintain to play a first-rate position in social media advertising and marketing.Brands will accompany influencers to attain their goal audiences, however additionally to create content material that educates, entertains, and evokes peoples.

In the generation of social media, influencers are right here to stay.Businesses that include this truth and are searching to leverage influencers as content material creators could be well-located for achievement in future.

The concept of the usage of celebrities (in purchaser markets) or famous opinion leaders (in enterprise markets), who’ve a excessive social value, to persuade others is a famous advertising and marketing strategy (Knoll and Matthes 2017). However, the omnipresence of social media has notably accelerated the accessibility and enchantment of this approach.For example, Virat Kohli has over 221 millions followers on Instagram and he engages with each of his posts. In 2018, the exposure of a single photo shared by him was valued 75+ millions in Indian rupees (Maxim2018). However, he comes at a high price: one post that Virat sponsors for a brand can cost upwards of 89 millions.

The Social Media Landscape Will Continue to Change  

Take a deep breath! In today’s constantly shifting eCommerce landscape, it can be easy to feel social media whiplash- but hopefully, the data and insights in this report help clear up the complexity.

Social media will remain a crucial component of any successful marketing strategy for the foreseeable time ahead, and having a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape will help you maneuver the future of social media marketing with confidence.

But you don’t have to walk the journey alone. The social media experts at Social Tasveer can help. With over years of digital advertising experience, our social media advertising team helps brands recognize untapped growth through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Reach out today to see how we can work together to grow your brand’s revenue.

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