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Social Media Marketing in Prayagraj (SMM)

What is the idea?

When a creator takes to the social media platforms to promote his product or services to promote his product or services and build a community with a target audience, thereby driving traffic to their services, the process is known as social media marketing and Social Tasveer provides best services in Social Media Marketing in Prayagraj. This type of marketing involves creating a digital space where the target audience interacts with the brand. However even though social media marketing is valuable and beneficial to one’s growth, the approach and strategy differ. This is based on the social platforms on which the audience spends their time on. The popular platforms which brand owners use to engage with their audience involve famous names like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Clubhouse, etc.

This type of marketing involves two kinds of targeting:


More commonly known as the “organic” way to drive traffic to one’s brand on social platforms. It uses the social media handles of the organization to manage contacts and their online presence. For many years, SMO has been the standard format for targeting audiences and promoting business in the digital space.

Steps to Social Media Optimization:

1) Analyzing the audience

We need to opt for the platforms which relate to the brand and where the audience spends time on.

2) Perform Competitive analysis

The next step to level up your marketing game is to perform an analysis and shortlist your competitors. The analysis includes data like their engagement, the amount of reach, or even the number of likes they draw in. Performing a content gap analysis also helps the organization to distinguish between the relevant topics.

3) Building a strategy

Once the analysis is done, the audience scrutinized and the competition understood, it’s time to build a lucid and defined strategy. This is the key to any social media marketing in Prayagraj. Some mammoths from the digital world cite the ‘lack of strategy’ as the top barrier to becoming a socially renowned business.

4) Execution

The execution of the strategy involves a co-linear approach of the SEO leaders, content marketers, and social media and community managers. This is because of the close relations of Social media optimization and Search Engine Optimization and they need to give a similar outlook on each platform. 

5) Analysis and Adjustments

Once the tasks have been executed, the results need to be analyzed and necessary alterations to be made. This helps in a more effective presentation of the organization.

I studied in basic terms, SMO involves the basic steps that any individual does to make his presence count on social media. Posting at regular intervals, encouraging the audience to share, using proper hashtags, and engaging with the audience, all of these are effective and basic measures of SMO.

2-Tools for SMO

Having the right tools to optimize your business is as necessary as having the right strategy. There are numerous tools available on the web to aid with one’s social media optimization journey. There are some scheduling services like MeetEdkar, Buffer, Later, and Sprout Social; audience researching and search services like Alexa; automation tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Marketo; Image generation tools like Canva and PicMonkey.  

Now, you’ve posted your information, the strategy is working smoothly, the traffic is being diverted to your social handle. But, for some reason, the reach you expected is just not happening. What to do? This is the point where the second part of the algorithm or the second puzzle piece of marketing steps in. This next move is called SMM, better known as Social Media Marketing. 

This SMM, or as we like to call it, is “the paid marketing” tool. This type of marketing, just like SMO involves the 5 steps namely Strategy planning, Publishing, Listening and Engagement, Analysis, and Advertising. 

1) Strategy-

This step is all about determining goals, social media platforms to be used and the type of content to be delivered.

2) Publishing-

The organization determines the content that is supposed to be posted, for example, the pictures, videos, or written content; when it is to be posted, and what will be the approach for the content.

3) Listening and Engagement-

Listening involves collecting data about what the audience has to say, their opinions and the criticism as well. . Engaging with the audience is just as necessary as posting on such platforms. This often requires the adoption of tools for better marketing.

4) Analysis-

Counting the reach and analysis of the engagement of the posts in the next step. This is required as it helps the organization to understand how the audience is reacting to them.

5) Advertising-

This is the key difference between SMO and SMM. This involves buying ads on social media and boosting the engagement of the organization. This involves purchasing  ads that target a specific amount and type of audience

Companies may ensure that they focus their resources on the population they wish to reach with social media marketing because audiences can be segmented better this way, than more traditional marketing platforms. Listed below are some measures deployed to assess the performance of social media marketing (also known as E-marketing or Digital Marketing):

For example, Google Analytics provides reports on websites.

3- Investment Return (ROI)

Customer response rates- the number of times customers write about a firm on social media are important measures to track the extent of the reach of a promotion.

4- Ways to promote yourself on a Social platform:

The development of messages and material that individual users share with their family, friends, and co-workers is a prominent technique utilized in social media marketing. This technique is based on ‘word-of-mouth’ and has numerous perks. To begin with, it widens the reach of messages to a number, which the user would not be able to reach normally. Thereafter, when the shared content is forwarded by someone the recipient knows and trusts, it gives an effective endorsement.

The production of ‘catchy’ content is an important part of social media strategy. This means it captures a user’s attention and increases the likelihood of them taking the desired action, such as purchasing a product or sharing the content with others in their social mesh.

Marketers produce viral content with the goal of spreading swiftly among users. Consumers should be encouraged to produce and share their subject matter, such as product evaluations or comments, via social media marketing. In the marketing world, this is known as earned media and Social Tasveer provides best services in Social Media Marketing in Prayagraj.

5- SMM-Benefits and Drawbacks

The foremost advantage of using social platforms as a marketing medium is that a broad audience can be targeted at once. For example Customers, bloggers, media, the general public and other stakeholders such as trade groups are all possible targets for a campaign.

However, these initiatives may pose challenges that brands would not face otherwise. For example, whether the allegation is real or untrue, a viral video stating that a firm’s product causes people to fall ill must be addressed by the company. Even if the message is clarified, the consumers may not wish to resort to the brand.


In today’s growing world, where we are switching to digital platforms for almost every other thing, where the web is a necessity, marketing techniques cannot be left in their traditional manner. The involvement of social media in promoting a business has proven to be the new hit and huge companies have ratified the same. Social Tasveer provides the best services in Social Media Marketing in Prayagraj. Thus, it is now on us to make good and efficient use of social media and contribute to the betterment of our business, and society at large.

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